Fix & Repair  Outlook Error Code 0x80072f06 & 0x800ccc13

Hello, I am Parker and I am using Microsoft Outlook for a long time. The Outlook is the best standalone application and it is quite good for sending and receiving emails. It is quite secure as compared to other mail services as the emails are stored in the hard disks too. Though the specs and features of the Outlook are quite superb and user-friendly but from a few days I am encountering some errors which are just ruining my overall Outlook experience. An error 0x80072f06 occurred when I try to send my emails and it just leads to the inaccessibility of the service as well as the Outlook files. Apart from this 0x800ccc13 error also occurs and it has started since I upgraded my Operating System. I am facing some severe issues due to these errors and I also9 have tried so many methods in order to recover my Outlook from these errors but am unable to do so. If anyone here with an effective technique then please help me to get rid of this situation. Thanks in advance...

What is MS-Outlook?

MS-Outlook is a personal information manager from the house of Microsoft. It is a part of the Microsoft Office Suite and it is mainly used as an email application. The MS-Outlook consists calendar, task manager, journal, contact manager, and web browsing as well. It is a standalone application and can work with Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server for providing services to the multiple users who work in an organization.

The MS-Outlook has also evolved as time passes and it is also compatible with the smart devices. Since we all know that today is the age of the smartphones and so MS-Outlook is also compatible with the iOS as well as Android operating systems.

What is Outlook Error Code 0x80072f06?

Since the Outlook is equipped with so many superb specs and features but sometimes it also gets plagued by different kinds of infections as well as errors. These errors and infections will lead to data loss and will also ruin the complete Outlook administration experience of the users. These errors will also lead to the inaccessibility of the Outlook resources as well as files.

Outlook Error Code 0x80072f06 is a kind of Outlook error which originates due to the syncing problem with the exchange server or when the user tries to update the OAB from the exchange server. This is a very nasty error and will lead to the inaccessibility of the important files and it is highly recommended to fix the error as soon as possible in order to safeguard the complete health of the Outlook files as well as services.

Main Reasons Behind Outlook Error Code 0x80072f06

There are so many reasons associated with Outlook Error Code 0x80072f06, so let's explore all the reasons:

  • It can occur due to the failure of the hardware devices. Sometimes it happens when the hardware fails to store or transfer the contents of your PST files and it will lead to the corruption of the PST files and the loss of the emails.
  • Network device failure is also a major issue which can trigger Outlook Error Code 0x80072f06. Errors in the network components like router, cards, hubs and more will lead to inaccessibility of the PST file which resides on the network server.
  • Sudden power failure is also a triggering element and it can be a reason for the data loss from the PST files too.
  • It happens when the data gets lost from the system and to recover these data one uses a file recovery software. Using these file recovery software can infect the PST files and it may lead to the deletion as well as the corruption of the PST files which can trigger the error.
  • Unexpected closing of Outlook is also a reason for the corruption as well as the data loss and it can also be a reason for the Outlook Error Code 0x80072f06.

  • The size of the Outlook PST is just 2 GB and these errors can occur if the data goes beyond the limited threshold.

Solution To Fix Outlook Error Code 0x80072f06

There is a most powerful tool called Outlook PST Repair Tool which is quite superb and is capable of repairing all kinds of Outlook errors including Outlook Error Code 0x80072f06. The tool is quite user-friendly and it can remove and wipe out all kinds of infections, errors, and vulnerabilities from the Outlook PST.

What is Send/Receive error: 0x800CCC13?

This Send/Receive error: 0x800CCC13 is basically found in Windows 10. This error occurs when the user upgraded his/her system to windows 10. The upgrade of the operating system corrupts the PST files of the Outlook and the damaged PST starts interfering the normal functioning of the Outlook application which gives birth to Send/Receive error: 0x800CCC13.

Reasons for the Send/Receive error: 0x800CCC13?

There are so many reasons associated with Send/Receive error: 0x800CCC13, so let's talk about all the reasons.

  • Virus or malware attack can corrupt the PST files and it will lead to this error.

  • Hardware failure is also a reason of Send/Receive error: 0x800CCC13 in Outlook.
  • Software issues like driver incompatibility will also trigger this error.

  • Bad sectors on the hard disk.
  • Outlook Add-ins is a reason for the PST corruption which will be a reason for Send/Receive error: 0x800CCC13.
  • The upgrade of the operating system if it is not done in a proper manner.

Solution To Fix Send/Receive error: 0x800CCC13

Outlook PST Repair Tool is the most powerful tool and it will fix and repair Send/Receive error: 0x800CCC13 in some easy as well as effective clicks. The Outlook PST Repair Tool has a graphical user interface and it can be easily installed and executed by anyone. The tool is capable of fixing and repairing almost all kinds of Outlook errors including Send/Receive error: 0x800CCC13.

PST Repair Free Download

Software Requirement

Processor : Pentium Class
Operating System : Microsoft Windows 7 / Vista / 2003 / XP / 2000 / NT4 (SP6)
Memory : Minimum 256 MB (512 MB recommended)
Hard Disk : 50 MB of free disk space
MS Outlook : MS Outlook 2010 / 2007 / 2003 / 2002 / 2000
Internet Explorer : Version 5 or later